100% Australian Luxury - natural salt, bath and body product.

Sealake Original Salt scrub is 100% Australian made and contains no allergens, genetically modified organisms or pathogens. We only use high quality, all natural salt. Salt is the world’s most essential mineral and can be used to refresh and rejuvenate your skin, drawing away impurities and toxins.

At Sealake Original we are passionate about the amazing quality natural ingredients in Australia, particularly all that Western Victoria has to offer. The unique ‘skylake’ on Lake Tyrell has become a worldwide sensation, drawing people to the health giving properties of the salts and the incredible sunsets and sunrises over the Lake.

From the exquisite landscape of Lake Tyrell in the tiny town of Sealake, to the hospitality of the people, Sealake Original bath and body products celebrate the Australian country.

The Sealake Original Salt scrub is a luxurious soft pink, delicately scented scrub to be used all over the body to soften, nourish and pamper your body, taking you back to the memory of Sealake.

Sealake Original