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About Us

Like so many, I saw the skylake at Lake Tyrell near the tiny town of Sealake and was inspired to find a way to share this with the rest of the world.

It brought back memories of my childhood farm life and the wonderful fresh clean air, a sky filled with clouds, wide open spaces and the smells of flowers and hayfields. I remembered playing in fields and creeks with my sisters, our feet in the cool rich mud of the creek bed and the feeling of being healthy, happy and invincible.

Now, my young family and I want to share this magical feeling with you.

We created our beautiful Sealake Salt Scrub to inspire and sooth you and to take you back to a place where you can feel revitalized and remember how to imagine.

We invite you to enjoy our wonderful Salt Scrub and come to visit Sealake, share your photos and experiences and most of all, share your happiness.